Allie X Deals With Serious Déjà Vu in ‘Rings a Bell’


We all know what it feels like to see someone who just seems so familiar, yet you can't quite remember why. Indie pop singer Allie X certainly knows the feeling, as she explains on her latest single. 

On Friday (Oct. 18), Allie released her latest single "Rings a Bell," a neo-psychedelic pop track devoted to that particular feeling. As the grooving bass line guides viewers through the song, along with a few appropriately placed bells, Allie finds herself feeling familiar with her new lover, though she struggles with placing them. "The way you move, it rings a bell/ The way you stare, it casts a spell/ As if you knew me well/ Must have been a reason for this feeling 'cause it rings a bell," she sings.

Co-written with Oscar Gorres and James Alan, "Rings a Bell" marks yet another transmutation in the singer's evolving sound. In a statement released with the track, Allie said that "the feeling of having been somewhere before," is something she found herself exploring over the last year. "This song is more about falling into a rabbit hole, experiencing something surreal, in a dream, or in your subconscious perhaps," she said.

Check out Allie X's trippy new single "Rings a Bell" below: