Allen Iverson Blesses 76ers Fans With Touching Speech: Watch


During the early 2000s, Allen Iverson was a god out on the basketball court and the Philadelphia 76ers were that much better because of it. Despite having a questionable roster, Iverson was able to lead the team to an NBA Finals appearance and has a plethora of highlight-reel plays that define his time in the city. Iverson was a beloved figure in 76ers basketball history and while his career didn’t exactly end on the best of terms, there is no denying his influence. 

Iverson was back in Philadelphia for the 76ers Fan Fest this past weekend and got to go on stage to give a speech to the Philly faithful. AI got emotional during his speech and told the crowd that he loves them and will forever appreciate what they gave him during his storied career.

“I always gave you all everything I had and the thing I love about you all is that you all appreciate that [expletive]. When I walk in that building, I always hear your voices. I always wanted to give you all everything I had,” Iverson explained. “I think when it comes to Mike (Jordan) and Chicago, I think that relationship is built, but it ain’t nothing like us. This [expletive] legendary!”

The crowd was hanging onto Iverson’s every word and seemed to be appreciative of what he had to say. Iverson is an important figure in Philadelphia sports and his contributions will be cherished by 76ers fans forever.