All Time Low Get Tortured by an Evil Panda and a Flaming Cake in 'Birthday' Watch


The band also announced a limited-edition vinyl featuring "Birthday" and "Everything Is Fine."

If you think you've ever had a weird birthday, All Time Low may give you a run for your money. The pop-punk band just released the video for their latest single, "Birthday," and the celebration is pretty bizarre.

As the video opens, each member the group is sporting a different colored party hat in a room with a brightly decorated cake. The only problem? They're each tied up to a chair. Amid attempting to wrestle their way out, the lights flicker and suddenly the All Time Low guys find themselves in trouble -- in the form a psycho panda with a blow torch.

Fortunately the panda only blows the cake up and not the band, and they even get a chance to chow down once the panda is out sight. But no matter how tasty that cake was, All Time Low would probably be fine not having a "Birthday" like that again.

"Birthday" is the second two singles All Time Low released this summer, following the guitar-heavy rock anthem "Everything Is Fine." Along with the unveiling the "Birthday" video, the band announced a special limited-edition pink 7" vinyl featuring both "Birthday" and "Everything Is Fine," which will be available Sept. 28.

All Time Low just kicked f their Summer Ever After Tour with Dashboard Confessional and gnash on Aug. 3, and will be performing "Birthday," "Everything Is Fine" and other fan favorites across the country for the rest the month. Hopefully for the band's sake, no pandas will be making an appearance.

Pre-order the limited-edition vinyl here and watch the "Birthday" video (out today, Aug. 13) below.