Alison Wonderland Says Performing Is ‘About The Most Honest Version Of Yourself’: Watch


During this week’s Billboard cover shoot, Alison Wonderland (who is featured alongside TOKiMONSTA and Rezz) sat down for a chat, discussing what the key to putting on a great performance is, how she ended up making a career out of DJing, and why she believes that it is so important to create music that expresses her full story.

Asked what the best thing an artist can do to put on a successful show is, Wonderland replies that while there are a few elements to having a good gig, the most important factor is not caring about how you look.

“For me, not giving a fuck on stage is the best thing I've ever done as a performer,” she tells Billboard. “Performing is about the most honest version of yourself and the last thing on your mind should be what anyone else thinks at that time. It should be about you and the people in the crowd and that connection you guys have with each other and the music. That's it.”

Wonderland also opens up about her journey towards becoming a professional musician, noting that she never thought music would become a career and that she really only did it for her own sanity.

“I've spent years before even breaking overseas,” she explains. “I was making music in my bedroom, I was DJing all the underground clubs around Sydney and eventually I started playing in a couple of bands around Sydney and that's when I discovered DJing.”

She adds that for a long time, she felt very discouraged that people weren’t listening to her music and that she tried to create songs that she thought people would like. However, she always found herself going back to what she felt, instead.

“That’s the best thing I ever did was just stick to…my intuition and what primitively came out of me,” Wonderland states. “So I don't feel like this is a career, and the minute this feels like work is when I should quit, because this is art.”

“When I'm working in the studio, I have to be narcissistic and not in a bad way,” Wonderland continues. “But I have to really get inside my own head to be able to bring the most of my art out and maybe I overshare, but…I can't really help it.”

You can check out the full video interview with Alison Wonderland above.