Alison Wonderland Delivers a Powerful Acoustic Version of Her Track ‘Peace’: Watch


Many electronic producers say they know they've made a truly good song if they can strip away the big beats and heavy drops and be left with a solid foundational melody.

With this in mind, Alison Wonderland has demonstrated the power of her 2019 track "Peace" with an acoustic version in which the Australian producer lets her voice take center stage.

In the video clip, the original track's echoing beat layers and clap-stomp chorus are traded for the artist born Alexandra Sholler's dually delicate and powerful voice. (We must also nod to her Smashing Pumpkins T-shirt.) The confessional lyrics of "Peace" get even more emphasis in this stripped-down version, with the original's complex percussion traded for light guitar, keyboards and mucho candlelight.

"This is a side of me I’ve always been too scared to show," Sholler wrote in a tweet about this acoustic version. "Thank you to anyone who listens to my music. It allows me to take risks & evolve as an artist."

Watch Alison Wonderland perform "Peace" below.