Alison Wonderland and Quix Defy ‘Time’ With a Bass-Boosted Groove: Exclusive


Alison Wonderland and QUIX have united for a new track called "Time," and it's proper wicked.

"Time" is out Friday, Aug. 9, on Astralwerks, but you can get caught in its wild web a day ahead (or behind or inside) of schedule below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.

"Time" begins at a meandering crawl, moving through some kind of dark, clubby, technicolored goo. It finds its legs in a bass-heavy beat and picks up the pace until it's downright hurdling toward a big, boomic sonic hook.

“I came up with this idea when I was on magic mushrooms," Wonderland tells Billboard Dance. "I wanted to make a track that plays with the concept of time. Then, the next day, I came over to QUIX's to work on a track and he played me an eight-bar house loop. I looked at him and knew exactly what to do with it. I am so proud of this track because it pushes a lot of boundaries. I don't care what anybody thinks, because it's one of my favorite tracks.”

“"Working with Alison on this record was actually so much fun," QUIX says. "She really is such a unique producer and pushed me to break the boundaries of what I thought producing held. We had a session earlier this year, and I had this random arp synth house beat lying around. Literally as soon as I played it to her, she turned to me and said 'I know exactly what to do.'  I’m so happy to share this song with everyone and have made it with Alison is a dream come true!"

Get a first listen below.