Alex Smith’s Gruesome Leg Injury Led To Ungodly Amount Of Surgeries


Washington Redskins quarterbacks haven’t been very lucky over the years when it comes to gruesome leg injuries. Joe Theismann suffered a horrific injury a few decades ago while Alex Smith faced the exact same fate just last year. When Theismann broke his leg, some of the players in the stadium said it sounded like a shotgun going off. With Smith, the same types of descriptions were used.

At first, it seemed like Smith would never be able to play again, especially with the infections he was getting in his leg. The QB has persevered though and today, he was seen on the Redskins practice field throwing the ball around. What’s incredible about his journey is just how many surgeries he needed to get here. According to Thom Loverro of the Washington TimesSmith was operated on 17 times before completely repairing the damage that was done.

Alex Smith's Gruesome Leg Injury Led To Ungodly Amount Of Surgeries

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Smith seems adamant about playing again although, after the injury he sustained, it might not be a viable option. The Redskins currently have three QBs on their roster including rookie Dwyane Haskins who many think will be the franchise quarterback moving forward.

Hopefully, Smith can make a full recovery and complete one of the greatest personal comebacks in NFL history.