Alex Kuchma Documenting Canadian Hip-Hop History (WIB Rap Radio)


Alex Kuchma, called in to Word is Bond Rap Radio to talk about all things hip-hop. He even brought in some music that you might not have heard before.

He is writing a book of the rich history we have in this country when it comes to hip-hop music and culture.

Kuchma is tackling this subject with passion and has already interviewed dozens of rap musicians who were active in the 1990s. He is going to the source to collect hard to find albums, singles, mixtapes, and stories.

He would love to hear from you, if you had anything to do in the Canadian hip-hop scene and can be contacted email or Twitter.

Canada has a rich hip-hop history and it is great to see it being celebrated in such a big way.

Certain.Ones – Swamp Yankee
Lola – In My Zone
Branded Moore & DJ Over – IDGAF
Senica Da Misfit – Straight from the Grain
Swamp Thing & Ghettosocks – Cure for Everything
Classified – Fallen
Blazin – Never F*&^ with Me
Marlowe – Fred Sanford
Mister Cleen – Heroes of Time
Birdapres & Styles of Beyond – Kai Boi Bo
Ira Lee – I Can Be Your Friend
Nextraterrestrials – Beast of Burden
Park-Like Setting – Overrated
Shad – Rock to it
Citizen Kane – Soldier Story
Epic ft Bleubird – Music Apprecaition II
The Verbals – Rampage

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