Alex G Moves on After Heartbreak in Reflective 'New Normal' Music Watch


Singer/songwriter star Alex G has had a whirlwind year: not only did the social media star come out as bisexual last October, on National Coming Out Day, but she also proposed to her fiancé last month.

Now, the star is releasing the music video to “New Normal,” premiering today (May 23). The acoustic track is from her latest EP, In The Still & Homespun Pt. II, released in February.

“‘New Normal' is about what we do with change. Since I got engaged, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how one day, I could lose the one I love the most,” Alex explains to Billboard. “I don’t know how we reconcile that -- I don’t know how we heal from that, or if we ever do. All I know is that time keeps moving and little by little our lives are filled with new loves, new losses, new normals. That’s what this music video is about."

The video follows Alex as she recovers from the heartbreak  a past relationship, but through her healing process, finds love unexpectedly, blurring the lines between who the ex-lover and new lover are.

Check out the video for “New Normal” below.