Alejandro Sanz Premieres ‘El Trato’ Watch


The video’s monumental natural setting layers the song’s romantic story with an environmental message.

Alejandro Sanz, who earlier this week received eight Latin Grammy nominations for his album #ELDISCO, has released a video for the track “El Trato” that converts the love song into a breathtaking ode to the environment.

Sanz, known for his ongoing ecological and social activism, chose Spain’s Asturias region for the shooting of the video, which was directed by Madrid-based director, writer and photographer Ruben Señor. Angel Amorós, known for his work on films by Álex de la Iglesias and others, was the clip’s director of photography. The locations include the monumental cliffs of the Asturian coast and the Las Ubiñas-la Mesa natural park, a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

“The richness and the contrasts of the Austurian landscape make the song grow emotionally and bring instill it with a halo of magic,” Sanz said through a release from his label, Universal Music Latino.

The video, which features Sanz walking alone as he sings, small against the backdrop of these grand natural landscapes, layers the romantic ballad “El Trato” (“The Deal”), which alludes to the disintegration of a relationship, with a metaphor for the destruction of the environment and a call for commitment with the preservation of the planet. The video’s release coincides with the climate strikes being held today around the world (Sept. 27).