Alejandro González Iñárritu Is the Bad Guy in Luis Miguel Series


Wondering why Luis Miguel La Serie, the Telemundo/Netflix series based on the real-life story crooner Luis Miguel (played by Diego Boneta), was trending last night and this morning? Secrets, secrets and more secrets.

Here are the juiciest ones we learned from the May 13 episode:

1. Alejandro González Iñárritu as the villain: The Oscar-winning film director (Babel, The Revenant, Birdman), portrayed by Hugo Catalán, was the bad guy in last night’s episode. Turns out (according to the series) he “stole” Luis Miguel’s first serious girlfriend, photographer Mariana Yatzek. Ouch.

2. The hit song that's based on real heartache: Do you love Luis Miguel’s “Culpable o no” because it feels so real? That’s because it is. Songwriter Juan Carlos Calderón wrote it inspired on Luis Miguel’s breakup with Mariana. So, you could say González Iñárritu inspired a hit.

3. The stage dad: Forget stage moms. Luis Miguel’s father, Luisito Rey, comes across as a tyrant who practically submitted his son to child labor.

4. Why Luis Miguel was dubbed “El Sol de México” (The Mexican Sun): Record exec Miguel Reyes has taken credit for this one. But in the series, the nickname is attributed to Rey.

The next episode  Luis Miguel La Serie airs on May 20.