Alec Benjamin Shares Moving ‘Must Have Been The Wind’ Watch


Singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin has revealed his new video for "Must Have Been The Wind" on Wednesday (Aug. 28).

As Benjamin sings in an empty room, the Conner Evert-directed video follows the story of a woman who enters a different, brightly-lit room, and begins to dance freely. "She said, 'I think your ears are playing tricks on you,'/ Sweater zipped up to her chin/ 'Thanks for caring, sir, that's nice of you'/ 'But I have to go back in,'" Benjamin sings on the chorus, telling a beautiful story about helping a neighbor in need.

Along with the video, the 25-year-old singer announced that he will be performing his previous single, "Jesus in L.A.," on national television for the very first time on Sept. 3 on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 

Both singles follow Benjamin's 2018 debut mixtape Narrated For You and sold-out North American tour. 

Watch the super sweet video below.