Alberta Cross Muses on 'The Transit of Life' With 'Find a Home Out There' Premiere


Alberta Cross' Petter Ericson Stakee is still finishing up work on his fourth album, What Are We Frightened Of?, which he hopes to have out this fall. But in the single "Find A Home Out There," premiering below along with its video, the Swedish modern rocker has a song that "sums up the overall (album) pretty good."

"It's one the first song we worked on for the record, and the whole emotional vibe it tied a lot the record together," the Berlin-based Stakee, who's recording the album in East London with producer Luke Potashnick and drummer Tom The Lion, tells Billboard. "It's just about being forever in transit, which is what happens when you're in music, and then hitting a point where you just feel like you want to find something more constant -- still travel, because that's what you have to do when you're touring in a band, but also finding your home, a more spiritual, stable place to be. A base, I guess."

Stakee chalks that desire up to hitting his mid thirties, and also to returning to Europe after spending 10 years living in America. "I think it's about growing up a little bit, getting out the twenties and into the thirties and seeing how you feel," Stakee explains. "(The album) is dealing with different kinds subjects, but I'm kind singing about finding a home out there and summing up different places I've been in. It's just about the whole journey, the whole transit life." The song's video hammers in the transit theme, a split-screen black-and-white clip that depicts Stakee driving through Brooklyn, Berlin and London with the landscape reflected in his mirrored sunglasses. "It's about forever moving, forever in transit, kind being the passenger and just looking out at the world."

Stakee says What Are We Frightened Of? is "getting very close" to completion, with another session coming up in London to wrap up the vocals. He did take Alberta Cross out on the road this spring in Europe with Rag'n'Bone Man, and once the album is out he plans to be back in, well, constant transit again. "We're planning to start to tour when the record comes out," Stakee says. "Right now I really want to drop this song and hopefully finish f the record in the next couple weeks and we can start planning on hitting the road. I love to tour, so I definitely miss it."