Alaska & Jeremy Discuss Their 'Really Personal' Album 'Amethyst Journey': Watch


Ahead the release their joint album Amethyst Journey, which is out today, Alaska & Jeremy sat down to chat about their new musical venture with Billboard Pride editor Patrick Crowley, discussing how they first met each other, which musical artists inspired the record and more.

“I’m really excited because we’ve been making music together for years,” RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Alaska tells Billboard Pride. “And so we sort just wanted to put pen to paper and go in a studio and properly record some music together…we went out into the woods in northern California] and we just put out the intention we wanted to write music.”

Asked how they first met each other, Jeremy explains that when he transferred to the University Pittsburgh, he and Alaska were in a class together. “I hit her up, but I wasn’t old enough for her,” he says, laughing. “So we became fast friends.”

Speaking Amethyst Journey, Alaska calls the album “really personal,” adding, “Some it's very – energetically, we wanted to put it out into the world to help balance the scales how crazy everything is right now.”

The pair also reveal who their biggest musical influences were on the record, with Alaska noting that Dolly Parton is a huge inspiration. “We once got the cops called on us for singing Dolly Parton really loud, in our first apartment together, in L.A.,” she recalls. “And so we love Dolly, we love Whitney Houston, we love Stevie Nicks. They're all banging around in our heads at all times, so they're definitely, their spirit's in there with us."

You can watch the full video interview with Alaska & Jeremy above, and view their music video for "Aliens" below.