Alan Fitzpatrick & CamelPhat Link on Melodic Techno Bomb ‘Liberation’: Exclusive


CamelPhat and Alan Fitzpatrick are an unlikely pairing at first glance. CamelPhat are of course the Grammy-nominated producers behind crossover hits like “Cola” and “Panic Room,” while U.K.-based Fitzpatrick has made his name among techno’s modern elite. News of their new collaboration may thus surprise some, but it’s worth remembering CamelPhat’s long-standing history in the underground and their unsevered connection to the house and techno community.

With this context in mind, the collaboration is less of an improbability as it is a pleasant surprise. The producers have linked up on a new two-track EP, destined for Fitzpatrick’s We Are the Brave imprint on April 19. “As individual artists our styles are fairly different, and that always sparks some magic in the studio,” Fitzpatrick says. “This time round it was techno magic.”

The second track, “Liberation,” which Billboard Dance is exclusively premiering, shines through its soaring melodics and peak-time arrangement. Listen to “Liberation” below, and read an exclusive Q&A with CamelPhat and Alan Fizpatrick surrounding the release.

What is the story behind these tracks? How did the collaboration begin?

CamelPhat: We’d been playing a lot of Alan’s music in our sets and his productions are seriously on point, so we just struck up a conversation over social media and sent him a folder of basic ideas. The big man picked two he liked and then hit the studio to put his signature sound on them. We’re both buzzing with the outcome.

Alan Fitzpatrick: Pretty much on the button here, I have been blown away with the lads, and was really buzzing to be able to connect musically on the ideas they sent. It became effortless.

What do you enjoy about each other's style of music? 

CamelPhat: I think Alan’s music always has serious energy and you can instantly see that on the dance floor. We’re ok (I guess) at hooks and them ideal moments that change the dynamics of the room. It’s a great package!

Fitzpatrick: I love how diverse the lads are and how sharp the production is. Excited for the world to hear our efforts as a joint mind.

How has the reaction been to the tracks so far?

CamelPhat: The social media has been crazy, usually it’s a good indicator of something big! It’s difficult to predict what lies ahead but “Kona” in particular has went off every set we’ve dropped it right across the world.

Fitzpatrick: The hype has been real this space, another banger on the cards here. Let’s see it grow.