Air Jordan 8 "Reflections Of A Champion" Release Date, New Images


With its bulky design, the Air Jordan 8 is one of the most unique models in the Jordan Brand library. Not everyone is a fan of it although there are still plenty of people out there who love it for its interesting aesthetics. Jumpman will be celebrating the Air Jordan 8 as part of the “Reflections of a Champion” pack which commemorates the three shoes Michael Jordan won his first three championships in. 

We’ve seen a few glimpses of what the Air Jordan 8 model of the shoe will look like, although now we have an in-depth look courtesy of Instagram user @hanzuying. The shoe has the same colorblocking as the “Bred” colorway although instead of black on the upper, there is some silver 3M material that lights up under the right conditions. 

The whole pack carries this silver reflective aesthetic and thanks to the Jordan 8’s bulky silhouette, this model pulls it off extremely well. As explained in the post, this shoe will be released next month on June 8th for $235 USD. It’s a pretty hefty price tag but considering the materials, it’s not too much of a surprise.