Air Jordan 1 Mid Appears In "Deep Black" Colorway: Detailed Photos


There are plenty of memes out there about triple-black Nike Air Force 1’s and the type of people that wear them. Whether you subscribe to these stereotypes is up to you, although the shoe has gotten a bit of a bad wrap because of it. Not all triple-black shoes are given this same lore though. There have been all-black versions of the Air Jordan 1 that have gotten a complete pass from the Twitter meme brigade, so it should serve as no surprise that Jordan Brand would put this triple-black aesthetic onto the Air Jordan 1 Mid.

Thanks to some new images courtesy of Instagram user @hanzuying, we now know of a “Deep Black” colorway that is reportedly on the way sometime soon. As you would expect from such a colorway, the whole shoe is covered in black leather that will surely keep you lowkey and stealthy out on the court and the streets. 

Aside from the look of the shoes, all that’s really known is the price of $110 USD, although all Air Jordan 1 Mids typically go for this price. Will you be looking to cop these or are they too minimalistic for your taste?