Ah-Mer-Ah-Su Wanders Through a Garden of Emotions in ‘7-15-13’ Watch


When most artists revisit their old music, fans are often treated to new "acoustic versions" of their favorite songs. But Star Amerasu, better known by her stage name Ah-Mer-Ah-Su, wanted her fans to get the full, orchestral experience. 

Earlier this year, Amerasu released a new album titled Incandescent Body, an entirely reimagined set of some of her favorite songs, including those off of her acclaimed 2018 debut release, Star. One of those tracks, "7-15-13," is also getting its very own video treatment (see below).

The video sees Amerasu, clad in a gorgeous white gown, slowly pacing her way through a garden while the camera focuses in and out on her face as she sings the song's enticing lyrics. "Light escapes from between two lips," she softly sings. "And you try to hold it in your fingertips."

In an interview ahead of the video's release, Amerasu tells Billboard that, like the song's lyrics, she wanted the video to be open to interpretation. So she enlisted her friend Vice Cooler to direct. "A lot of the focus of his videos are almost like moving portraits showing the artist's vulnerability," she says. "I think because the lyrical content of the song is a bit ambiguous to the listener, I wanted to let people come to their own conclusions about what exactly the song means and give the viewer just pure emotion."

As for Incandescent Body, Amerasu says that the album was born out of receiving a grant from Women's Audio Mission in San Francisco, allowing her to record a new album. After hearing an acoustic release from Chelsea Wolfe, the singer decided she wanted to make her own spin on that same concept. "'I need to strip my music from the electronic world, into what it would’ve been if I had the thought to make orchestral music,'" she thought. "When listening to it I realize that it’s kind of chamber pop-esque in the best way."

That's not all that came out of recording her new album — after sending her new work to Post:Ballet, the star was able to work her new album into it's very own ballet show, also titled Incandescent Body. "I think for me this was probably the best experience I’ve ever had with my music."

Check out Ah-Mer-Ah-Su's new video for her orchestral version of "7-15-13" below: