Agnez Mo Shines in ‘Diamonds’ With French Montana: Listen


Indonesian singer Agnez Mo has teamed up with rapper French Montana on a new song, “Diamonds.”

“Diamonds” is a slinking, addicting gem of a song, filled with the pair singing and rapping about the lavish lifestyles that they’ve made for themselves. It is the first time that the duo have collaborated together. 

According to a statement from Agnez Mo, the song has an inspirational meaning to her. “When I recorded ‘Diamonds,’ I already knew that this is far beyond a cool record,” she tells Billboard exclusively. “It’s a representation of not one [person] but everyone altogether as people. ‘Diamonds’ are not literal diamonds. We, the people, are the diamonds. Us, with all our uniqueness, creating and moving our own ‘boxes’ instead of being in one. This record is an invitation to everyone with any body type, any skin tone, race, religion, to just have a good time and be proud of expressing ourselves.” 

“I didn't grow up watching someone who looks like me doing the type of music that I like,” she adds. "So when I write, or direct, act on my music videos, or put out anything, I wanna make sure that I speak my truth while representing my culture, representing and embracing differences. ‘Diamonds' to me is that record. I did it with people who believe in me transcending my skin tone, my race, my body type, they don’t care if I fit in the boxes, or if I fit the stereotype. We just believed in the vision and did it.”

The song is currently available on digital music platforms. Listen below.