Adult Film Actress Pleads Guilty To Hiring Hitman To Kill Baby Daddy


A porn actress spent her 32nd birthday behind bars but that will likely be the first of many trips around the sun that she’ll spend locked up. Porn actress Katrina Lynn Danforth admitted to the court that she put a hit on the father of her children. Danforth, who’s from Idaho, pleaded guilty to illegal use of interstate commerce in order to hire a hitman. 

Although it’s unclear why she placed a hit on her baby daddy, she told the court that she found a hitman to kill a man who was listed in the plea agreement as R.H. Her plans to have her husband murdered were done through an acquaintance who connected her with the hitman. But there was a major twist in her plans — the man she hired as a hitman was actually an undercover police officer. 

From there, the police officer began to crack down on her plans slowly. The plea agreement detailed the instructions to him which stated that “she had specific requirements that the hitman was to accomplish.” Clearly, she didn’t have much remorse about murdering him or anyone around him. She asked him to make sure the body was easily found and that she also “did not care if others who lived in the home were harmed,” aside from her own child.

As she continued to plot on R.H.’s death, Danforth sent the officer $2,500 and a thank you card as a “down payment for the hit.” The $2,500 was half of the money she owed for the hit. 

Danforth’s sentencing is set to take place on December 2nd.