Adron Is Welcome To Join 'Your Habitat' With New Single: Exclusive


Atlanta-raised singer-songwriter Adron digs into her diverse palette to create an environment all for herself on her latest single “Your Habitat.”

Like the construction a home, the development “Your Habitat” was put together piece-by-piece through several iterations built on a strong foundation the singer’s love for old-school R&B and Tropicália music.

“I've lately become a bashful but fervent fan some seriously cheeseball easy-listening type pop from the 70s and 80s,” Adron tells Billboard. “I like to think my beloved Michael McDonald would smile knowingly at this song and its arrangements.”

The song eases in with a dreamy synthesizer as the singer muses on creating a world just for two and slowly begins to expand as the elaborate production unfolds. It’s an airy trip that fills every space with lush instrumentation while also leaving plenty room to feel every twist and turn that Adron’s assured hand has mapped out.

“Your Habitat” arrives as the lead single to Adron’s latest album Water Music, set for release on Aug. 17 Tribo Records.

Check out “Your Habitat” below.