Adrien Broner’s Cryptic IG Messages Leave Fans Worried


When describing world champion boxer Adrien Broner, one word you probably wouldn’t use to describe him is “shy.” The often outspoken athlete has, in the past, said a few things that have caused a bit of controversy, but even so, he is still beloved by millions of fans who anticipate seeing him in the ring. 

It came as a surprise on Wednesday evening when the 30-year-old took to his Instagram page to unofficially announce that he was hanging up his gloves. “I’m retiring,” the boxer wrote with a heart emoji. “Boxing is a lonely sport. I’m done with this sh*t give me a brick and let me turn it into 8 with some phyt.” Then, in another message he added, “I finally can experience what it feel like to smoke weed snort a line shoot heroin taste acid I been pheening to get that high.”

As news outlets began sharing screenshots of his messages on social media, Broner’s fans worried that he may be going through some sort of breakdown. He continued to share in his Instagram Story that he wished someone would step in with an intervention. “I need help from somebody smh I am not focused at all on boxing right now I feel like f*ck boxing and f*ck everybody #OnGodNem.”

He then shared pictures of his fancy foods and wrote that even though he’s stressed out, he’s always going to make sure he’s eating well. It looks as if he is feeling better after getting some things off of his chest, but hopefully he gets the help that he’s seeking. As far as his retirement announcement goes, only time will tell if the champ is truly ready to leave his boxing career behind.