Adrien Broner Weighs In On Potential Pacquiao, Mayweather Rematch


Adrien Broner is one of those boxing figures who is easy to dismiss because he has given people a reason to at pretty well every single turn. He started his career with a ton of promise but eventually, it was clear that he couldn’t live up to the hype that he had set out for himself. Back in January, Broner lost easily at the hands of Manny Pacquiao, even though he seemed to be in denial about it all. Perhaps this is why Broner was so dismissive of Pacquiao when he was recently asked about a Floyd Mayweather, Pacman rematch, by TMZ.

“Floyd going to beat his ass again … Floyd going to f**k him up again and they both going to retire,” Broner said, also noting that they’re definitely going to fight despite the social media antics. “They’ll fight again. That’s why they doing all this cappin’. They’ll fight again.”

Pacquiao recently defeated Keith Thurman in a split decision over the weekend and is looking as agile as ever. His performance is what has led some people to assume that a rematch with Mayweather could be on the way. As of right now, Pacquiao’s camp seems to be excited about the prospect, although Mayweather clearly isn’t as interested.

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