Adidas Unveils Aaron Judge's Special Edition Mother's Day Cleats


To celebrate Mother’s Day, Adidas Baseball today unveiled a fully-customizable, special edition version the adizero Afterburner, which can be personalized through adidas’ customizable function, miadidas.

Among the 150+ MLB players set to wear Adidas’ Mother’s Day cleats this weekend is New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge, who partnered with Adidas designers to create a custom PE version the miadidas Mother’s Day cleats.

According to Adidas, Judge regularly sends him mom strawberries dipped in chocolate for Mother’s Day, so his cleats feature a “Mom” banner wrapped around a chocolate-dipped strawberry on the tongue the cleats, along with a matching sockliner with his mom’s initials, “PJ.” As an additional homage to Aaron’s mother, his cleats include custom laces donned with “THANKS MOM” as a tribute to the time his mother ran on to the field to tie his cleats for him during a tee-ball game as a kid.

The other special edition miadidas Mother’s Day cleats are highlighted by a traditional tattoo-inspired graphic on the tongue to honor moms around the world. The emblem features a “Mom” banner wrapped around a pink heart and is set within an outline home plate. The tattoo graphic is accented by white SPRINTSKIN upper that has been emblazoned with a pink splash fade pattern. The unique two-tone graphic pattern was inspired by the idea sliding into a home plate that had been freshly painted pink to celebrate Mother’s Day and having paint splash onto the cleats.

The fully-customizable miadidas adizero Afterburner cleats will be available for $120 exclusively at on June 1.