Adam22’s "No Jumper" Compound Held Up By Another Gunman


It appears that a second robbery attempt went down inside Adam22’s No Jumper compound within days of the initial bust-up (Sunday, March 17). This time around, footage of the skirmish was uploaded by a source other than Adam himself.

Upon discovering its existence, the podcaster scrambled to find a source to the IG upload. While Adam wasn’t present for the exchange or in any clear danger, with Internet resources right at his fingertips, he was brought up to speed in no time.

As you can see, the gunman gives himself and possibly his followers as he looks into the camera, all before entering the premises. Then in a sudden burst of movement, he barges in the front door barking orders at the attendants manning the No Jumper kiosk. 

“Get the fuck on the ground, shut the fuck, shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up,” he shouts, before demanding Adam Grandmaison’s immediate presence. “Shut the fuck up. Call Adam right now, I don’t want no money. Call Adam right now. I don’t want no money, shut the fuck up, bitch ass n***a.”

 To no one’s surprise, it was Grandmaison who did much of the reporting for the second bust-up. The Los Angeles County District Attorney doesn’t have the second altercation listed in their system at the present time. Keep it locked for developments in the story, if and when they become available.