Adam22’s "Live Ambush:" Gunman Charged With 2nd-Degree Robbery


TMZ was the first to report on the formal booking of David Tran, the man accused of ambushing podcaster Adam22 while he was reportedly shooting a live segment. The 24-year old has been charged with one count of attempted second-degree robbery, but to what end, it’s pretty hard to make out.

Social media commenters who’ve seen footage of the incident, are divided on the issue: some suggesting the whole ordeal was staged. and to be frank, there’s a lot of reason it was a publicity stunt, based on several factors I’ll leave unnamed. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office is none the less treating the incident with the same level of scrutiny they would a grievous case ending in injury.

As you’ll recall, Adam22, aka Adam Grandmaison broadcasted footage of him being accosted live on camera by a live gunman who they claim broke in through the back entrance, short of blaming the security guard posted up in that section. Hours later, it was revealed that Tran wasn’t even wielding a live firearm, but a prop you’d find on the set of a Slim Jesus video shoot. Regardless of such, the “gunman” is being held in custody with a $100k bond over his head.