Adam Sandler is Annoyed With Shawn Mendes in ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promo: Watch


Adam Sandler never thought he'd return to Saturday Night Live as a guest host. But, one of the most beloved, and successful, former cast members is taking the stage tomorrow night (May 4) more than two decades after he left the show and, well, he's already a bit annoyed with the musical guest. "Adam, It is so great to have you back at SNL after 24 years," cast member Leslie Jones tells Sandler in the promo for this weekend's show.

"24 years? That's like on Shawn Mendes ago," Sandler jokes about the "If I Can't Have You" singer. "No, actually I'm only 20," Mendes sweetly corrects him. "Shut up, just shut up," Sandler says. There is, of course, also a bit with Sandler saying some made-up nonsense gibberish and Jones getting very heated about any haters who don't plan to watch.

Check out the promo below.