Adam Lambert Talks Coming Out at London LGBT Youth Center: 'I Had Finally Been Able to Let Go of Something'


The singer shared his coming out story with LGBT youth in London.

Queen frontman and former American Idol contestant Adam Lambert told his story coming out at the Mosaic LGBT Youth Center in London on May 31.

“It was Halloween, I was about nine years old, and I pulled a dress from the box costumes in the attic,” he told the crowd young folks,  NME. “My mom’s Snow-White costume from the year before; I figured that’s what I wanted to go trick or treating as.”

“I felt fabulous. My dad was cool and open-minded,” the “Ghost Town” singer continued. “My mom was like, “Adam, you can’t go out in the neighborhood like that! People won’t understand, and they might be mean to you…I did get some weird looks, but I felt really good in that dress.”

“After I graduated high school, I came out to my three closest friends, and then came out to my parents shortly thereafter,” he added. The pop star went on to talk about living life as a gay man in LA and said he didn't really experience homophobia until after his tear on American Idol. “All a sudden, I was really experiencing real ignorance’s for the first time. I did a performance on the American Music Awards where I kissed a guy…I was told ‘you did a lot damage to your career with that…’ I thought I’m not apologizing. Fuck that.”


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— ADAM LAMBERT (@adamlambert) June 5, 2018