Adam Lambert Says It Doesn’t ‘Make Total Sense’ to Record a New Album With Queen: ‘To Me, Queen Is Freddie’


Four years since releasing The Original High, Adam Lambert is ready to release new music in the form of his upcoming album, Velvet.

Though it's been a while since fans have had a new album, Lambert has been touring the world as the vocalist of iconic band Queen since 2011–but that doesn't mean recording an album with them is in the works.

“People always ask if we want to record together and I’m not sure it makes total sense because it wouldn’t really be Queen because to me Queen is Freddie,” Lambert told Hunger. “My favorite thing is collaborating and putting these concerts together and creating on stage – it’s super fulfilling and exciting.”

"Once you figure out who is Queen – you realize they’ve been in your pop culture subconscious the whole time," he explained. "Their one of those bands that their songs are so iconic that you might not know anything about them but you know the damn song!"

In regards to Velvet, he said its a nod to the music of the past. "Sonically it references a lot of the music I herd in the house growing up: it’s retro," he said. "There are a lot of 70s and 80s choices in there and it lives in a world that is a fusion of new and old – it definitely has a vintage edge to it. Also as a whole I would it say it is more soulful than anything I’ve ever put out before – at least that’s what my friends have been telling me! Yeah, it’s Velvet – the word means so many different things. It feels smoother; it’s a very smooth delivery."

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