Adam Lambert Dazzles With Two Epic Performances During ‘American Idol’ Finale: Watch


Back in 2009, a young singer and actor by the name of Adam Lambert auditioned for American Idol, singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen to wow the judges. Now, a decade later, the superstar returned to the show to prove once again why he is a master of live performance.

On Sunday night’s finale episode of American Idol, Lambert gave two special performances to celebrate the end of the show’s seventeenth season. For his first performance, Lambert gave his fans the first-ever live rendition of his new song “New Eyes.” Clad in some velvet bell bottoms and a ruffle-collar shirt, the singer delivered sheer ‘70s rock with his understated-yet-bold rendition.

After her finished his solo track, the star teamed up with eliminated contestant Dimitrius Graham for a duet to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the very song that Lambert auditioned for the show with. Trading verses with the former contestant, Lambert effortlessly glided through the lyrics of the song, eventually embracing Graham at the end and congratulating him on an excellent performance.

This is not Lambert’s first time on Idol this season — earlier this year, he helped out the contestants during the show’s Queen week. Lambert acted as a celebrity mentor, where he helped the show’s singers choose and perfect their favorite Queen songs before bringing them to the stage.

Check out both of Adam Lambert’s performances from the season finale of American Idol below: