Adam Lambert Applauds Troye Sivan's 'Anthem for Bottoms'


Before taking the stage with Melissa Etheridge to duet on her classic “I’m the Only One” at the 29th GLAAD Media Awards in New York City on Saturday (May 5), Adam Lambert hit the red carpet and spoke to Billboard about the music he’s listening to lately — and one song in particular that has him cheering.

“I’m loving Troye Sivan’s new single, the ‘Bloom’ song,” Lambert told Billboard. “ And I love that he’s being so brave and cheeky and being in the media like, ‘This is a song, an anthem for bottoms.’ I’m like, ‘Go on Troye, good job.’”

After performing with Etheridge, Lambert spoke to Billboard about the changes he’s seen in mainstream culture’s acceptance the LGBTQ community over the course his career.

“At one point in time to be a musician in mainstream music, you had to second guess some things or be careful what you said,” Lambert reflected. “It’s changing so rapidly, which is wonderful, and at an event like this we can be reminded that things are shifting night and day in the music industry, even compared to 10 years ago.”