Adam Devine Gets Weird as ‘Dr. Rivers’ in Weezer’s ‘California Snow’ Watch


Adam Devine has officially joined one of the strangest clubs in music by portraying Weezer lead singer Rivers Cuomo (as "Dr. Rivers Haskell") in the video for "California Snow."

The comedian and The Righteous Gemstones star portrays the band's leader in the bizarre new video for "California Snow," which appears on the soundtrack to the dark comedic thriller Spell.

Appearing alongside the movie's star, Barak Hardley, Devine plays an unconventional therapist trying to help his client cope with a variety of issues, from insomnia to anxiety and relationship woes. Weilding a notebook in his dramatically lit office, a smiling Devine listens to Hardley pour his heart out, busting out some dance spins and belting the song's joyous chorus and inappropriately hugging him as purple light pours int from the windows. He also, of course, busts out a set of congas for some shirtless therapeutic drumming and a wicked solo on one of Cuomo's guitars.

Hardley plays an illustrator named Benny who goes on a walkabout in Iceland after the death of his fiancee, "only to become drawn into a supernatural world of ancient runes and secrets — unless it's all in his head," according to a description of the film directed by Brendan Walter, a veteran of past Weezer and Fall Out Boy clips, who also directed the "Snow" video. The track comes from Spell, released by Crush Pictures, a division of the band's management firm.

The Spell soundtrack's score was written by Fall Out Boy singer Patrick Stump, who created a sparse, icy, and often jarring sound that Stump told Billboard is nothing like FOB. "I always want to be melodic, have a melody that you hum. I’ve been making pop music for 17 years; this is drilled into you," said Stump. "In this film, a melody is sometimes a hindrance for the emotions and storytelling. So I was trying to find ways to really underplay it, be more minimalist. It kind of goes against my nature. There are one or two Icelandic pop songs in it, but all the other music you hear in the film is me."

Watch the "California Snow" video below.