Action Bronson & The Alchemist Announce ‘Lamb Over Rice’ EP


Action Bronson and The Alchemist have been one of hip hop’s best duos for a while now. Action’s hoarse tone and buttery flow sound impeccable over Alchemist’s jazzy loops. When they come together, Action’s ritzy raps find instrumentals elegant enough to support them. The strength of their chemistry was proven on their 2012 collaborative tape, Rare Chandeliers. The two went on to contribute to each other’s projects over the years. Action most recently appeared on Alchemist’s album, Yacht Rock 2, for the track “Tropical Storm Lenny”.

Today, the artists announced that they have another collaborative project on the way. A seven-song EP, entitled Lamb Over Rice, will be released on November 22. “7 SONGS FROM OUT THE STASHBOX PRODUCED BY ME. YOU’RE ALL WELCOME!!!!!!!,” Alchemist tweeted. 

This news was accompanied by another pleasant surprise. On the same day as the EP’s arrival, limited edition vinyls of Rare Chandeliers will be sold for the first time ever. It will be a double-LP, available in three different colours, and will include six theatre cards and a sticker pack. Only 1000 copies will be pressed, so you better remember to hop on those quick!