Action Bronson Injured After Mid-Show Strobe Light Accident


The man who once rapped “just like the kids in the park, my vision is sharp” back on Rare Chandeliers is not one to take eye safety lightly. Yet last night, Action Bronson found himself facing an unexpected health scare during a concert at Ottawa’s Algonquin Commons Theater. Unfortunately, Bronsolinio was forced to cut his set short after being “blinded by the light,” a la Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen. TMZ caught video of Bronson reacting to an intense burst of strobe light, stumbling backward in a daze. 

You can see the moment the injury occurs, as Bronson appears stunned by the sudden onset of flashing light. Apparently, the rapper was forced to get medical attention after side effects lingered backstage. The rapper later took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the incident, dreading the severity of what might have been. “I was blinded and disoriented from that blast of the strobe light last night, that’s why I was unable to finish in Ottawa,” he writes, in an all caps message. “I’m feeling better now thank you. Those things need to never be near me again it was almost really bad. Be careful.” 

Lest we forget, this isn’t the first time a rapper has found themselves facing light-induced eye trauma. Joey Bada$$once dared to gaze upon the sun during 2017’s solar eclipse, a decision that ultimately led to the cancellation of several subsequent shows. Let it be known. Eye safety is no joke!