Action Bronson Gets Aggravated After Podcast Host Brings Up Ghostface Killah


Action Bronson‘s always been compared to Ghostface Killah throughout his career. They even worked together on “Meteor Hammer” with Termanology which was included on both Blue Chips 1 & 2 as well as Wu-Tang Clan‘s Legendary Weapons. However, the two had a falling out over the Internet which resulted in Papa Wu getting in Bronson’s face at Sean Price‘s funeral. Clearly, the minor feud between the two still bothers Action since he got noticeably agitated when he was asked both the Wu-Tang rapper.

Kevin Clancy of Barstool Sports shared a clip of an upcoming interview with Action Bronson. The short clip runs for a bit over a minute so it’s unsure whether the entire context is there. Action Bronson was asked which celebrity would make a good ambassador to aliens. Bronson said Prince but he was then asked if there was a particular rapper he thought would be a good ambassador. 

“There’s lots of respect but I don’t know to that extent,” Bronson replied before one of the hosts suggested Ghostface Killah.

“Why would we want to send him there?” He asked before becoming noticeable irritated by the question. “That’s fuckin’ ridiculous. I bet you think that’s really cute, right, that you brought that up… That’s fuckin’ stupid, no. It’s dumb…. There’s no beef anywhere.”

The host attempted to change the topic of conversation to wrestling to ease the tense situation, although it didn’t help in any way. “I’d like to throw you through a wall.”

According to @Barstool_Quotes, Dave Portney commented on the incident, reportedly saying, “Action Bronson I think wanted to do a podcast with us, and he stormed out. He was supposed to meet with me and Erika after about doing something but he cancelled. Seemed pretty thin skinned.”

Peep Kevin Clancy’s reaction below.