Action Bronson Announces Girlfriend’s Pregnancy With Beautiful Photo


Action Bronson usually keeps it mute when it comes to his personal life and who he’s dating. It’s been known for some time now that he has two children – Elijah and Hannah – with his ex-girlfriend and in 2017 he posted an image of his current girlfriend for the first time and we now know she’s expecting her first child with the rapper. 

Action Bronson Announces Girlfriend's Pregnancy With Beautiful Photo
Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Action jumped on Instagram recently to share a gorgeous image of his girlfriend who goes by @vamosvalee on Instagram. The black and white image showcases her growing baby bump as she covers her chest with a black cardigan, looking close to a due date. “OUR LOVE HAS SURVIVED MILLIONS OF LIFETIMES FOR US TO COME TOGETHER IN THIS ONE. MY INDIGENOUS QUEEN,” the “Standing In The Rain” rapper captioned the post. 

Val has shared a couple pregnancy images of her own to her Instagram with detailed captions about her journey to motherhood and feelings that come with it. “This year for my bday Eye have been gifted one of the most magical gifts on Earth. A human life growing within, a spirit baby choosing me as a mother, and a partner to embark on this new chapter with,” she wrote. “An experience that brings excitement, nervousness, gratitude, confusion, love, and much more. Eye am searching for the words to express what Eye feel but I’m still processing these changes for the last few months lol.”

Congrats to the couple.