Aaron Rodgers Slammed By Cris Carter Over Matt LaFleur Rumors


Aaron Rodgers has had issues with his teammates in the past and sometimes, these problems have found their way into his family life. It’s been well documented that he doesn’t really talk to his family anymore, while former teammates have come out and said he’s a very hard person to play with. When the Green Bay Packers hired Matt LaFleur as the team’s head coach, some people were curious as to how Rodgers would handle that relationship. So far, there are already rumors that it hasn’t been going so well, although Rodgers and LaFleur have both denied those claims.

During today’s episode of FS1’s First Things First, former NFL wide receiver Cris Carter doled out some pretty harsh criticism of Rodgers, saying that he always seems to be having problems with everyone and that the issue here could be Rodgers himself.

“You’d believe Aaron Rodgers would have a problem with Matt LaFleur because he’s had a problem with his parents, his siblings, his teammates,” Carter said. “His relationship with Brett Favre didn’t start off great. I wonder why? Sometimes it is Aaron Rodgers.”

Outside of these issues, Rodgers is considered to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league, although the last couple of years have been tough for the Packers as they’ve had limited success out on the field. If the Packers can get it together, they will be in for a great season but otherwise, there may be some problems on the horizon.

Do you agree with Carter’s assessment of Rodgers or is he being too harsh here?