Aaron Paul Wants Fans To Rewatch This Key Scene Before "Breaking Bad" Movie


Last week, Breaking Bad fans were treated to their first look at the upcoming movie, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. Netflix released a trailer that showed Skinny Pete being interrogated by police. It wasn’t much, but Aaron Paul, the actor behind Jesse Pinkman, just gave fans a little more insight into the Breaking Bad movie through his Twitter page. 

Paul quote-tweeted a memorable scene from the show’s original run with the caption, “Cats out of the bag…and the bag is in the river. Here’s a moment from Breaking Bad to slowly prepare you all for what’s to come. #BreakingBad #Netflix #Elcomino ⚗️💎💵💰.”  The moment is one that made Aaron Paul’s performance so memorable for fans. In the episode “One Minute,” Jesse finally stands up to Walt in a moment where Walt needs him more than ever. “I am not turning down the money! I am turning down you!” Jesse screams at Walt as his anger builds and builds. 

As for what this has to say about the upcoming movie? The message is fairly cryptic, but perhaps, Paul is merely alluding to the fact that Jesse is his own man now. He’s no longer handcuffed by Walt or dealing with Hank. There are many ways to interpret it, but regardless, rewatching the scene will certainly make any Breaking Bad fan excited for El Camino. Check out the official teaser below.