Aaron Hernandez Handwritten Letter Up For Auction


Aaron Hernandez’s incoherent letter to friend Kyle Kennedy which foreshadowed his suicide is believed to be his last correspondence with the outside world before he hung himself. While that note has been reserved for Kyle as a living testament, other notes have since been dug up, one which is now available as quote on quote sports memorabilia. I reserve comment on the more prane aspects this story.

The letter addressed to an unknown pen pal is up for the auction. A scanned copy can be viewed here.

The letter begins with Aaron thanking the unknown recipient for their help with commissary money. Overall he seemed to be in good spirits at the time writing. He was getting back to his exercise regimen, slowly but surely. He had sworn f sweets. He toys with the idea getting his daughter an exotic pet, then thanks his friend for his undying support and for being a surrogate to his family. The whole affair is really heartfelt, but not to the point forgetting the purp and the crimes associated with his name. 

The letter is open to bidding at Lelands. The bidding is currently at $330