Aaron Carter Says 6ix9ine Is A Rat But Still Supports Him; Calls Brother "Serial Rapist"


It was all leading up to this. Aaron Carter has been making headlines for the last two weeks because of his personal drama. The former child star has been in the public eye for so long and now, his family is filing for restraining orders against him, ordering help for him and praying that he improves as a human being. Carter is convinced that people are out to get him and he recently sat down with Adam22 and the No Jumper podcast to discuss everything that’s been going on in his hectic life.

Aaron Carter Says 6ix9ine Is A Rat But Still Supports Him; Calls Brother "Serial Rapist"
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Last week, Aaron Carter accused his brother, Backstreet Boys’ member Nick Carter, of being a “serial rapist.” He says that Nick ually abused a 91-year-old elderly woman, also forcing him to drink a lot of alcohol when he was underage. There are a ton of claims being thrown around in the video, which you can watch in full below, but one of the most interesting (and contradictory) things he says in the interview is about Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Aaron Carter and Tekashi 6ix9ine may have literally nothing in common but that doesn’t matter. Everybody is speaking about the rainbow-haired punk these days. When addressing No Jumper about his reputation as a child star, Carter threatened to get on his “6ix9ine shit” before referring to the rapper as a “rat.” “But I still like Danny,” he said afterwards, pedalling back. “I still support Danny. If I had Treyway fucking getting me involved in all this shit, I’d be like ‘yo, what the fuck man. You put me in all this shit to make me look like I’m something that I’m not, of course I’m gonna rat.'” Shortly after, Aaron Carter avoids a question about his own gang affiliation… but we all know he’s not in a gang. C’mon bruh. You’re not fooling anyone.