A$AP Rocky’s Swedish Lawyer Shot in the Head!


Earlier this afternoon, news broke out about A$AP Rocky’s Swedish lawyer, Henrik Olssen Lilja. It was reported that Lilja was shot in the head and chest around 8:59 local time. After being shot, Lilja apparently called the police himself from his neighbor’s phone and was conscious when the paramedics arrived.

His current condition is unknown.

According to TMZ, Lilja left his apartment in the morning near downtown Stockholm. Shortly after, a gunman approached him and shot him in the head and chest. He was allegedly seen jumping out of a SUV and ran off after the shooting.

Police have already arrested several suspects who they’ve taken in for questioning – including a woman.

The latest update, as told to TMZ by a close source, claims that the shooting was non related to Lilja’s representation of A$AP Rocky. They have also claimed that this, indeed, was a domestic dispute involving the woman who was taken in for questioning.

Stay tuned in for more updates!