A$AP Rocky’s Mother Thanks Al Sharpton For Helping During Difficult Time


As the #JusticeForRocky and #FreeASAPROCKY social media movements press on, there is much going on behind-the-scenes with social justice leaders as they lend their resources to aid in the freedom of A$AP Rocky. The rapper has been detained in a Swedish jail for almost two weeks following a violent incident that happened in the country. 

Rocky and his entourage filmed two strange men who followed them through the streets. The men harassed Rocky and his crew, often getting physical and angry as they attempted to provoke a fight. Repeatedly, Rocky is both seen and heard urging everyone to move on and let the men be, but ultimately the confrontation ended with one of the men being treated at a hospital following a fight with Rocky and his security. Rocky was arrested on suspicion of assault and is currently awaiting release.

There have been conflicting reports on the conditions in which Rocky is currently experiencing in the Swedish jail. His famous friends are standing in solidarity and have pledged to boycott Sweden, and nearly 600K people have signed a Change.org petition asking for his release. Al Sharpton has lent his voice to the fight and according to PIX11, A$AP Rocky’s mother Renee Black spoke at Sharpton’s over the weekend.

“Thanks for coming out,” she said nervously. “I’m new to this. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. So, you know, my reaching out to the reverend and him offering his help the way he did, I just feel so grateful and so blessed. ‘Cause I know there is a God and he don’t sleep. Anyway, I have other people with me who are in the same boat. I have my daughter and my granddaughter and they family members and they want to come up and they wanna come say something. I just appreciate the help that the reverend’s given us. ‘Cause I know we not alone now.”