A$AP Rocky Will Remain In Swedish Custody After Rejected Appeal


It’s unfortunate, but once again we must report an unfortunate turn of events pertaining to A$AP Rocky’s recent arrest in Sweden. By now, the footage of Rocky’s involvement in a street fight has been widely circulated. While it’s clear that he and his team were provoked by a pair of aggressive locals, Swedish authorities have decided to hit Rocky with the full extent of the law, essentially throwing the book at the beloved rapper. Reports of a potential six-year sentence prompted mass concern, and A$AP Ferg recently opened up about the Flacko’s depressing circumstances in solitary confinement. 

A$AP Rocky Will Remain In Swedish Custody After Rejected Appeal

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Today, a new report from a Swedish publication has detailed a new development in the case. Apparently, the Supreme Court rejected Rocky’s appeal, which means he will likely remain in Swedish custody until his eventual court date. While the article was written in Sweden, the translated version confirms that the Supreme court has rejected the appeal, despite the ramifications the lockdown will have on his career. Already, Rocky risks losing a reported 16 million SEK, which equates to 1,691,120.00 in U.S. dollars. Not only that, but his attorney cautioned that a full-blown cancellation might “spell the end of his career.” Still, the Supreme Court refused to budge, and Rocky currently remains in custody as a result.

The report also reveals further details about his circumstances. Apparently, Rocky is indeed prohibited cell-phone access, but he can reach out through written letters and through use of the prison phone. He’s also “worried about the situation,” and rightfully so; the deck appears to be stacked against him, despite video evidence painting a far more forgiving narrative. We can only hope that Rocky returns home before long, and until then, the hip-hop community will continue to stand behind him. Free Rocky!