A$AP Rocky Terrorizes the City in Satirical ‘Babushka Boi’ Watch


Instead of electing to release a "First Day Out" freestyle following his release from Swedish jail earlier this month (Aug. 2), A$AP Rocky waited a few weeks before getting back to music. The Mob frontman returned on Wednesday (Aug. 27) with a new track and visual to stand alongside "Babushka Boi," playing off one of the staples in the fashion icon's wardrobe. 

The Nadia Lee Cohen-directed clip tells the satirical story of Rocky and his crew's escape from police detention. The squad then successfully goes on to successfully rob a local bank. Officers in the visual actually take on the facial features of a pig, which is symbolized by having them turned into packaged hot dog meat to close out the flick. 

Reps for A$AP Rocky relayed to Billboard that the video "was created months ago" and isn't "based nor inspired by Rocky’s situation in Sweden, as it was shot before he went to jail." "The plan for this video was to have it be released earlier this summer," Rocky's reps continued. "Due to Rocky’s situation in Sweden, his music timeline was delayed."

Watch the "Babushka Boi" video below.