A$AP Rocky Is Saving His Swedish Arrest Stories For New Music


A$AP Rocky has been active and frequently in the public eye since being freed from his Swedish imprisonment at the beginning of August. He’s been performing livedropping new music and styling at fashion weeks. However, he’s remained relatively quiet about his experience in Sweden, only offering a few brief statements for the public. While it would make sense that Rocky would want to put the dark period behind him and move on with his life and career, it turns out his silence on the topic has been strategic. 

In a new interview with Vogue to promote his AWGE retail space opening in Selfridges London tomorrow, Rocky hinted that he is saving his jail stories for the lyrical content of his upcoming musical releases. When asked what he is up to these days, he responded: 

“Right now I am working on, I would say, something that is highly anticipated because a lot of people want to know how I am feeling about the whole situation. Making music is fun. It’s always fun. In a way, it’s a parallel with fashion because I think the right key, the right silhouette, the right look—the right expression—can trigger an emotional connection: sometimes a nostalgic connection and sometimes an enticing connection with people.”

Rocky also revealed how his Babuksha Boi persona came about. Turns out, Rocky had acquired a scar on his face before having to appear on TV, so he decided to rock the headscarf. Little did he know – actually, it’s likely he did know – he would spark a fashion trend. When asked by Vogue where the scar came from, he mysteriously said that he always gives a different story. On that occasion, he attributed it to a fight with his long-nailed auntie. 

AWGE, Rocky’s collective of creatives, will set up its first permanent residence in the department store, Selfridges, starting tomorrow. Their first line of 40 products – including babushka scarves, tote bags, and hand-stitched dolls – will be available at the store and online.