A$AP Rocky & His Team Beat A Man Bloody In Sweden: Report


In case you needed another reminder that A$AP Rocky is not the right man to mess with, here it is. The Harlem-raised rapper might identify as a “pretty motherfucker” but he’s not afraid to throw down and take a few shots to the face if things get ugly. That’s been proven time and time again as he just can’t seem to control his anger when fans run up on him. The most recent incident happened today when Rocky and his crew were walking through the streets of Sweden. According to TMZ, some shit went down and Rocky and his crew ended up beating a man down, leaving him bloody.

A$AP Rocky & His Team Beat A Man Bloody In Sweden: Report
Steven Lawton/Getty Images

During his run in Sweden, A$AP Rocky stopped by Max Restaurant in Stockholm when he allegedly broke a man’s headphones, leading to a heated conversation between his crew and two dudes. The young men reportedly followed Rocky out of the restaurant and threatened to call the police on him and when the rapper got in their faces, things got physical. In the video below, you can see one of the men get tossed onto the ground before Rocky and his entourage begin to pummel him with kicks and punches, leaving him bloody and battered on the ground. Because of the language barrier, witnesses reportedly helped translate the argument before one woman butted in and accused somebody on the rapper’s team of grabbing her ass, which is when shots started flying. Rocky and his team left before the wounded man was taken away in an ambulance.

So far, there are no reports that confirm any legal action has been taken. Look for this to be an issue in the future, though.