A$AP Rocky Helps Jared Leto Hitchhike Across America On Jimmy Fallon


Apart from being a skilled rapper, A$AP Rocky appears to also enjoy cross-country road trips. Last night’s episode The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon included a few surprise guests that appeared out the blue. When announcing the scheduled appearances for this week’s shows, singer and actor Jared Leto walked out from the backstage area in full backpacker garb, with some Gucci accents. However, he quickly apologized for his impromptu presence as he was simply looking to exit the building. Host Jimmy Fallon grab hold Leto to escort him to the street as he announced his plans to promote an upcoming album by hitchhiking across the country.

As he claims he should not have any difficulty traveling from New York to Los Angeles, he says as he paces onto the sidewalk, “I just need a ride ASAP.” His wishes were quickly answered as a minivan pulled up with driver A$AP Rocky asking if anybody needs a ride. Rocky’s 3-second cameo leaves much to be desired as footage their trip to the West Coast would be ideal, but even more than that, we just want updates on his upcoming album.

Having dropped a few hints over the last couple weeks, Rocky’s next full-length effort is clouded in secrecy and, with not much known about the project, a test-dummy theme seems to consistently follow it around. Watch the video below to get your quick fix A$AP Rocky before sulking as we wait for further information on the album.