A$AP Rocky & Danny Brown Ponder The Earthly Pleasures Of "Alien Sex"


Danny Brown has always been somewhat of an eccentric. But damned if he isn’t the closest thing in hip-hop to an auteur. Experimental, daring, and eclectic in nature, Danny’s discography stands among the game’s unsung best. Yet music isn’t his only bag. Brown recently made the foray into the talk show realm, with a new VICELAND series called “Danny’s House.” Absurd in true Danny fashion, the most recent episode finds our loveable host breaking bread with none other than A$AP Rocky, discussing topics only broached in the darkest science-fiction movies. 

A$AP Rocky & Danny Brown Ponder The Earthly Pleasures Of "Alien Sex"

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Off the top, Danny kicks off a game called “Smash Or Pass,” featuring the added caveat of being the “alien edition.” As slides of science-fiction extra-terrestrials are presented, each rapper debates the merits of engaging in sexual relations. The first suitor yields a hard pass from both men (“she look like Robocop’s ex-wife or some shit”) while the second, a traditional gray-skin, black eyes type being fares a little better. “She look like a futuristic Amber Rose,” reflects Rocky, a seal of approval if ever there was one.

The clip itself is full of quotables, and should be considered a must-watch for any self-respecting fan of either rapper. Not to mention, it reveals a deeper insight into their own world of extraterrestrial depravity – should be territory you’re willing to explore.