A$AP Rocky Addresses Travis Scott Beef


In terms of artist identity, Travis Scott and A$AP Rocky aren’t really all that similar. Some fans may believe they look damn-near identical but, to be completely honest, it’s pretty easy to pick them apart in a crowd. Of course, they have almost the same hairstyle, but that’s not enough to keep a beef running for so many years.

Ever since Travis Scott came up as an up-and-coming rapper from Houston, Texas, the superstar-to-be was getting compared to the likes of A$AP Rocky. That’s not necessarily a bad thing in the slightest but Scott and Rocky were both peeved by the remarks. It looks like one party is finally tired of being pitted against another young king though because, after admitting that he’s a addict, A$AP Rocky made another shocking statement by telling the world to quit comparing him to Travis Scott.

A$AP Rocky Addresses Travis Scott Beef
Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Taking to Twitter, the Harlem native informed his posse of supporters that he and Travis Scott are two different people and that they should not be in constant competition. He’s done with all the rumors and the beef and he decided to take a stand for it. “THAT ME N TRAVIS BEEF SHIT SO PLAYED OUT,” wrote the AWGE general online. “LET IT GO.”

Channelling his inner Frozen, Flacko just wants us all to stop with the needless drama. They’re both successful and they both make dope music. Let’s keep it like that.