A$AP Mob Sparks "Free A$AP Rocky" Movement


During his trip to Sweden, A$AP Rocky recently found himself at the center of an international incident, one that spelled trouble from the start. Upon being followed by a pair of persistent and thuggish individuals (who appeared to be looking for trouble), Rocky and his camp gave them fair warning to fall back, lest there be trouble. Flacko even took a moment to explain the situation, in an effort to cover his bases. After the encounter took a violent turn, Rocky ultimately turned himself in to police custody for questioning, according to TMZ.

A$AP Mob Sparks "Free A$AP Rocky" Movement

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Unfortunately, Swedish authorities proceeded to arrest him, going so far as to refuse access to members of the U.S. Embassy; it’s unclear what their exact beef with Rocky might be, but the situation appears to be spiraling out of control. While the situation proceeds to be resolved, A$AP Mob has taken it upon themselves to stand behind their defacto captain, taking to Instagram to kick off the “Free Rocky” campaign.

We can only hope Rocky returns to his home base before long, as losing another rapper to international authorities would be a tough cultural blow. We already almost lost Gangsta Gibbs in a similar fashion. Hopefully, the U.S. authorities can step in and right the ship, especially if Rocky is indeed being treated unfairly. Free Rocky!